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The time is here! Graduations are nearing and many of our seniors are preparing to start a new chapter in their life! Therefore, we are looking forward to recognizing and honoring these seniors at this years graduation banquet. Below you will find links to all of the documents you and your student will need for both the scholarship applications and banquet information. In the banquet packet you will find all information needed for banquet as well as scholarship requirements and a paper application for scholarships.

After your have completed your application, please upload 5-10 pictures of your senior in our dropbox. The link is below. As you add these photos please create a folder with your name and place your photos there (you must have a gmail account to do this. If you do not. Please email your photos to [email protected])






The Graduation Banquet will be held Friday, June 25, 2022 @7pm . All graduates are asked to come with a parent, guardian, or other family member to escort them in as they are announced to the banquet attendees. Graduates and their escorts should arrive at the Plano Event Center by 6:30 PM. If students would like to express words of gratitude to family members or other influential people they should prepare a 1 to 2 minute expression IN ADVANCE. A special section of the program will be reserved specifically for personal expression.


The graduation banquet has a dress code.

  • • Males should wear a tie and jacket or a suit & tie
  • • Women must wear modest church-appropriate semi-formal dress attire
  • • No tennis shoes
  • • No jeans or denim jackets
  • • No athletic attire
  • • No sunglasses


Please Remember:

All scholarship applicants must provide a letter of acceptance to a college or other institute of higher learning in order to be eligible for the awards. If a letter of acceptance is not yet available, some other form of proof will be required. Scholarship awards will be made payable to the academic institution to which the student has been accepted.