Small Groups, Big Intentions: Making Disciples

God created us to crave community. When we serve, study, pursue, and worship God together, we get better. We would love to see everyone in our church join a Small Group. Whether you are looking for a Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Singles, Local City group or anything else that describes your preferences and state of life best, there is one that is just right for you! Lead or Join a Small Group! The purpose of these studies is to study God's word in various small settings in different communities. The groups will study discipleship to give us the tools to spread the Gospel and to make other disciples. 


The Groups

Small groups will be comprised of 8-10 people and will be lead by a discussion leader. Each individual group will determine when, where, and how often they meet. The lessons will be made available and will include daily scriptures and Q&A to be completed prior to each class. Bible Study semesters will last 12 to 14 weeks. 


How you can help? 

Become a group leader! We're looking for discussion leaders to lead a small group. You will be trained on your role and how to successfully keep a robust discussion flowing. We're asking you to 1. Pray about becoming a discussion leader and 2. Pray about whom God will lead you to ask to join a class. Use the button below to sign-up to be a discussion leader.