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The world is moving fast and being fueled by the spirit of this age that places all the focus on the here and now, secular and human advances, and the redefining of gender and sexuality. God ordained this generation to be the set-apart people He wants to use as a shining light of truth and eternal hope in Jesus Christ. The question is, who's willing to answer the call and accept the challenge? It won't be easy, but the Lord has promised to be with all those who call on His name! Everything the follower of Christ is called to do is counter to how our current culture has established that life should be lived. Our student believers must be bold enough to make hard decisions that won't be popular or acceptable to truly see the Kingdom of God lived out in their generation, and that starts with prioritizing a biblical worldview.

The Shift Youth Conference seeks to train, equip, and challenge this generation of young believers to shift their worldview from secular to biblical by seeing everything in life through the lens of Scripture. In this three-day experience, students will begin evaluating their beliefs, actions, and relationships to make room for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct them in living a set-apart lifestyle in all that they do. Through practical exercises, engaging messages, worship, and group discussion, we hope that our students will experience and recognize the significance of obedience to God's Word.

Shift Youth Conference

Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 5pm-Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 4:30pm

Open to Students entering 7th-12th Grade and Class of 2022 Seniors

Drury Plaza Hotel and Group Dynamix


(1) Student $198

(2) Students $178 each (in the same household)

(3+) Students $158 each (in the same household)



Ways to get involved:

Overnight Volunteers- These volunteers would be responsible for staying at the hotel Thursday and Friday night in a room with six students and helping monitor safety of all students apart of the room group.

Daytime Security- These volunteers would help keep the meeting room and lobby area of the Hotel secure while sessions, free time, and all other daily activities are happening. Can be done in shifts of 4-6 hours.

Daytime Break Out- These volunteers would not stay at the hotel Thursday and Friday, but would show up during the conference session and help out with small group discussions, free time games, and other forms of engagement when necessary. Can also be done in shifts for whatever they are available for.

Give- Towards a student to go to camp that may not be able to afford it!

*Security and Daytime Volunteers will need to provide their own lunch.

Overnight volunteers cost is $40 for food and lodging