The Lord’s Supper is served every Sunday at 8:30am and every first Sunday in all services. We have five Deacon groups 1 – 5, their assigned according the attached schedule.


2 men per section including stage = 18 1 man to distribute elements from each tabel = 2 On stage servers - You must open element container for Pastor. (Do not give Pastor an un-opened container!) On stage servers - Present Pastor with elements after all on floor serverts have returned to their respective wall position 1 man to overflow area (until further notice). Musicians are being served Communion seperately by Reynolds Barnes and Same Tate, so do no serve to them during service. On First Sunday only: Welcome Committee will be served in the Welcome Center immediately following the Sanctuary Communion. Two Deacons will be assigned to administer the elements. Prior to Communion, Deacons will gather for prayer, assignments and other morning announcements. Additional Assignments - First Sunday Only: 1 man assigned to Children Ministry 3 men assigned to Youth Ministry


Enter santuary when prompted by Usher team. On cue from Pastor, proceed to element tables along wall and stage. Pastor prays for communion and blesses elements. Distribute elements to congregation. Return empty trays to element tables along wall (no movement) On stage servers presents “opened” element container to Pastor. Elements consumed by all. Closing prayer by Pastor. On stage servers move Communion table behind curtain area and remove trays. On floor servers remove trays from tables leaving table cloth. Exit sanctuary. IF you have any questions, please email Wesley Sneed at