It is the objective of the Deacon Body to make every member feel connected to NDCBF from their first day of orientation. Each new member is integrated into their respective cluster to hasten their connection to the church body and ministry.  

A Cluster is an affinity group, determined by residential location (zip codes), and designed to promote fellowship and serve as a source of guidance and support for NDCBF members.  As an overlay to the new member assimilation program, the Cluster teams are available to encourage and assist the new member as they complete the orientation class and matriculate through the certification and participation phases. 

Ultimately, the Cluster process aspires to be conduits into the NDCBF family of ministries for all members. 


The Clusters also ensure that new members understand how they fit in. After the assimilation process, new members will be knowledgeable of their own spiritual gifts and through active membership in a Cluster, have the opportunity to serve by supporting new members during their assimilation process as well as helping those in need in our church family.