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Christian Core Beliefs| January 27-March 24, 2022 -Online Zoom Class

Instructor: Ministers James Turner, Kelvin Lane and Hershel Nisby

You might be surprised to know that there are some things Christians don’t agree on. Usually, those things are not considered a core or basic belief of Christianity. There are beliefs that are fundamental to the faith. Every Christian ought to have a working knowledge of what they believe and how it impacts their lives. We all have a theology, we all have a set of core beliefs that control how we think and how we behave. But do you know what you believe? Do you know what is driving your thoughts and actions? Do you know if your beliefs agree or disagree with the Bible? Does that matter to you?

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION                                  
The New Member Orientation class is designed to acquaint you with our vision, mission, ministry philosophy, organizational structure, and core beliefs of NDCBF.

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EVANGELISM (You Can Tell It)

Would you like to gain a clear and simple method for sharing Christ with confidence? Journey through this 4-hour session and we'll help you find some simple conversation starters to overcome any hesitation or awkwardness when declaring your faith.  

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