Making Disciples 

Our challenge is for every person at NDCBF to find community and make disciples. We’re confident that discipleship is God’s plan to grow our church, reach the community, and the world. Discipleship is not just a ministry of the church. It’s the ministry of the church. At NDCBF, we believe Discipleship is a 24/7 lifestyle of following Jesus, and helping others do the same. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” The message is the same today...we are to make disci- ples of Jesus, baptize them, and teach them His teachings.

Here’s how you can help make disciples:

We offer various classes and bible studies right here at NDCBF through Life Journey. Life Journey not only consists of classes, but opportunities to impact your life and the lives of others. Jesus was very intentional with pouring Himself into the life of His disciples. We invite you to discover your Journey with us! Be open to learning, growing, and embracing every opportunity along the way. Visit for more information.