NDCBF has a mission grounded in Christ. It impacts us as a church, as a community, and also as individuals. We stand at both an exciting and pivotal crossroad in the life of our ministry. In 2017, we took an unexpected turn and our attendance as well as a number of our committed givers decreased. During that tough time we made significant adjustments and worked diligently to be good stewards and used the resources God provided us, yet we still experienced a cash deficit. 2018, will be equally challenging. While we have made some changes, we still have a ways to go over the next 12 months. The good news is our God knows our needs as individuals, families, and as a church body. He sees and knows the future He has for NDCBF and we are confident He will provide what is needed at the perfect time.

Here’s how you can help:

As we continue to serve our community through providing food and the basic necessities, increase our community engagement efforts to reach the lost, fulfill benevolent request for those who encounter tough seasons, along with our daily operational expenses, this year we need your support more than ever. A steward is someone entrusted with property that belongs to another. Everything we have is a gift from God. We are called to offer a portion of what we have received back to the fulfilling of God’s purposes. It is our goal to give you the tools and resources to become effective stewards of your time, talent, and your treasure and to create a culture of generosity here at NDCBF. We are able to change lives through this ministry because of your generosity and by God’s grace. We ask for your participation in supporting our church’s mission and vision by giving as God has blessed you to give. We understand everyone has a different financial situation. Some can give a great deal more, some are already stretched to their limit, and for others it may mean trusting God through tithing from your income for the first time. For those who can give more, we’re simply asking you to make a commitment to God this year. Click here to give today!