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Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! 

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May you have a Blessed Birthday!!!!!!! We thank GOD every day for you and may you have many, many more birthdays!!!! Continue in the Word and may the Lord lead you and guide you in His word!!!

-Prince Esther and Freddie Lee Hanks

Pastor Dames, We would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays! We hope your family pampers you today and you get to enjoy a big slice of cake! Thank you for your commitment,spirit-led leadership, and love for the NDCBF family - you are a blessing to all of us. We pray that you will enjoy many, many more happy and blessed birthdays!

-Love, Pascal, Shelia, and Kaisha Littleton

Pastor Dames, You are God's design, doing God's work at God's perfect time. He has blessed you and made your life a blessing to many. We are thankful to God for the difference you make to our church family and praying for continued blessings on your life, your family, and your ministry. Happy Birthday!

-Chip & Linda Lawson

Happy Birthday Pastor Dr. Reverend Terren L Dames! I wish you all of God’s wonderful blessings!

-John Montgomery 

Hi Pastor Dames, We pray that you have a blessed birthday. Thank you for the passion that you bring to leading the congregation. We pray that you and your family enjoy this special day.

- Hassen & Kim

A Glorious and Blessed Happy Birthday to you Pastor Dames. Wish you many, many more in great health and prosperity. As you have blessed and touched others with God's word, May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly, and his Glory shine upon you always in Jesus mighty name. Thank you for all you do everyday for the Church. Blessings always, and have an awesome birthday.

-Donald Branche

Happy birthday to you with many more to come!!! Please remember to practice social distancing. 

-Natasha Lockhart 

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames Many blessings to you Sir.

-Kevin & Paulette Dalcour 



Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Thanks for all you do for the members of NDCBF. -Covington Family



Dear Pastor Dames Happy Birthday... Enjoy you Day... From : Alderman Steven Mays, City of Pine Bluff Arkansas I was a Family Guest. And Father Of LaShawnda Williams and. Her Husband Michael Williams a Couple of Years Ago... A Great Church and Congregation

-Alderman Steven May

Happy Birthday Pastor May GOD continue to Bless you abundantly. Thank you for all you do. Hope you have many more. Have a Wonderful Day!

-Joe & Regina Benoit

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! We love you and appreciate all that you’ve sown into our lives through NDCBF. We pray that your day is full of love, lots of laughs and cake and cookies and pies!

-Chris & Christina Gardner


Happy Birthday Pastor! May the Lord continue to bless, lead ,and guide you today and forevermore!

-Edward & Patricia Hall

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames!!!! Enjoy your day

-Domita Williams 


Happy birthday Pastor. May God continue to bless and keep you. 

-Deberal Foster



Happy Birthday, Pastor Dr. Terren L. Dames!! Enjoy your day. Continue to be blessed and stay safe.

-Marilyn Hadley


-Tiffany Sellers 

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! May God bless you to see many more and may he continue to give you the gift of being a blessing to others!

-Kemberly Pemu 

Happy Happy Birthday Pastor Dames!! I am so thankful that God led me to NDCBF 8 years ago. Thank you for your love, leadership and passionate teaching of God’s word! I am proud to call you my Pastor!!

-Love, Shaundra Harris

I’m praying that you have a wonderful birthday. God bless you for being such a blessing to your members during this time. Thank you for all you do and please remain safe.

-God bless, Cynthia Francis


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames!!! May your day be filled with lots of joy and laughter. We pray you enjoy many more.

-Much Love, The Moore Family


Happy Birthday PastorDames! Hope your birthday is filled with happiness and blessings surrounded by family.

-Nicole Jennings


Happy birthday Pastor.

-Salestus Winkley


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Thank you so much for being committed to God and ministry during these times. Thank you also for all your prayers and words of encouragement. Be blessed and enjoy this day.

-Love, The Chaney Family 

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Praying God’s continued blessings for you and your family. Eat all the bacon you want today

-Levi & Erma Chriss 


Happy birthday may God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you pastor for all that you do for us in the name of the lord.. We appreciate you.

-Eternally Grateful, Dennis and Diane Rice


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames. Praying that His blessings continue to be on you. You are so blessed to be you and to know the amazing love of Jesus. May God bless this day with more love than your heart can hold. Happy Birthday again.

-God bless Henry and Lilian Georgestone

Happy Birthday, Pastor Dames! Praying God's provision for and protection over you and your family. Thank you for teaching an uncompromised Word of God! Thank God for His faithfulness. All in!

-Norleshia Cannon

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames and we have the same birthday. We are bless and highly favored. Have Great Day. Praise for me being on the front in the operation room.

-Kathy Harrell


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! May the good Lord continue to bless, keep, and use you for His glory. We are thankful for you and desire you take some time to celebrate the blessing of another year!

-Horace & Sue Satisfield 


-Sheila Dickerson

Happy Birthday 

-Jessie Darling 

Good morning Pastor Dames: Happy Birthday! Many thanks for answering God’s calling and serving in ministry. You are blessed to be an effective teacher and preacher of His word. I pray that Our Lord and Savior will bestow many blessings upon you and your family today and for years to come.

-Lecia Smith

Happy Birthday- Born Day- Pastor Dames!!! May God continue to bless you to see many, many, many, many more!! Enjoy this day in peace, love, and an abundance of blessings.

-Angelia Hunter and Family


Happy birthday! Have a blessed birthday and birthday weekend!!

-Tiffany Hunter 

Happy birthday! We pray that your day is amazing and filled with love and joy! 

-God bless you, David, Danea, Joshua and Jordan

Pastor Dames! Happy birthday. The Lord has truly blessed me with a Pastor that walk the walk. Enjoy your day

-Tracie Smart 

Happy birthday Pastor Dames may God continue to bless you with many more enjoy your day and be bless

-James Warren 

Happy Birthday Thank you for knowledge of the word. Thank you willingness to share His word with others. Thank you for living the life as God has instructed before Hos people I admire the way you choose to teach by example with your family.

-I Love You Erma Chriss Have a great day




Pastor Dames, I thank God for you and your family daily.... As I'm beyond grateful for your commitment to the truth of the gospel as your heart reveals that every time you speak, and or pray..... My Birthday greeting for you is that GOD will continue to strengthen and encourage you daily as you're an example to all that come into contact with you.... I speak the blessings of GOD continuously in your life today and always in JESUS name! AMEN

-Sheila Michelle Petty

Happy Birthday Pastor

-Glenda Whistnant

Happy birthday Pst. Dames, May you age in Gods wisdom and grace, wishing you and your family many more celebrations to come in Jesus name. We love you! Happy birthday!!

-Fidelis & Linda Ikeji

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames, thank you for answering the call that GOD has on your life even in these perilous times. May GOD bless you with all the desires of your heart according to His will. Enjoy your day!

-Octavia Bolds

Pastor Dames, wishing you good health and many more Birthdays. May LORD GOD grant you the desires of your heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

-From Sylvia, Edith, Z’hara and Levi We love you.

Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow! A big ole' HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Pastor Dames! Sending love and well wishes to you on your special day! Eat CAKE! Please know you have blessed so many with your teaching and preaching of God's Word. To God be the Glory!

-Love, Essie dean Turner

Wishing you the best ev...........er birthday, Godly man of God who diligently cares for God's flock. Happy Birthday Pastor Dames.


Peace be with you Pastor Dames on this Day! Have a blessed and amazing day! I pray that your days will be long on the Earth, and that you will see many more years to come? Happy Birthday!

-Cynthia Williams

Wishing you a blessed blessed birthday thank you for all you do we love you and your family so much and pray the good lord continue to strengthen you as you pour so much into us


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Enjoy the day of your birth and thank you so much for standing true to your faith and Christian values. Thank you for being a great leader in this war on Christianity.

-Love, The Hughes Family 

Pastor Dames Wishing you a wonderful birthday. I thank the Lord for blessing His church with such a gracious and humble messenger. Be blessed.

-Teresa Thompson

Good wonderful Blessed Birthday morning to you Pastor Dames, today is a beautiful day that the Lord has Blessed us all to see, Thank you for your service & all that you do. Happy Happy Blessed Birthday, may God continue to Bless you & your family.

-Beatrice (Bea) McGill

Happy Birthday Pastor. May you be blessed with many more to come. Enjoy your day.

-Wanda Owens

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day...stay safe, healthy, happy and eat some CAKE

-Barbara Parker

Celebrating you Pastor Dames and all that is good and most blessed in your life..... abiding Faith, a precious Family and treasured Friends! God Bless You! Happy Birthday!

—Gene Terry & Sheila Creft- Terry

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! May God bless you!

-Tracy L. Jackson

Happy Birthday and I wish you many, many more. Thank you for your wonderful delivery of the word and being there for me in my time of need through my challenging health cancer issue. My Blessings to you.

-Queen Henderson

Happy, happy Birthday Pastor Dames...enjoy your special day. Be Blessed!!!

-Pastor McClean and Lauren

Enjoy your day and thank you for your faithfulness to God's people.

-Kathy Merritt

Happy birthday, Pastor! My family and I pray that this day is a blessing to you. And, that it is filled with a lot of joy!!

-Steve Daniel

Happy Birthday Pas. Dames

-Annette Lewis

God is all around you, in front of you and behind you . Feel his hand on your shoulder. Happy Birthday Dr. Terren L . Dames .

-Kat Bernard, Mimosa Bernard

I pray you have a blessed Birthday! Thank you for all you do!

-Barbara Taylor

Pastor Dames, this is the day the LORD made special for you,make it a good one. We`re truly thankful for your commitment to lead, teach, and honor our Father. As you always remind us" God is good all the time and all the time He is good. Enjoy the day.

-Kalvin & Loretta Brown

Happy birthday Pastor. May you be Blessed today

-Nate & Michelle Newton

Hope you have the kind of day where wishes come true and may the happiness it brings last the whole year through. Wishing you a day that's as special as you are. May the Lord's blessing be with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

-Barbara Leffall

Happy birthday to a great pastor who is walking in the way of the Lord. May Father God continue to bless you and that is loving kindness be upon you always. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

-Yasmin Lee

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames. May God continue to Bless you always.

-Patricia Smith

Wishing a special pastor a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness. May God continue to instruct and teach you in the way you should go. You are a gift to the body of Christ. Abundant blessings today and always.

-Veronica Aaron- Lloyd

Pastor Dames, enjoy your special day to the fullest. May God grant you many, many, more. We love you and will continue to pray for your strength and God’s guidance and protection.

-Phillip/ Veronica Lloyd

Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Wishing you a Blessed and safe day!!

-Michelle Joubert

Enjoy your day and be blessed! You deserve it! Happy Birthday!


Barbara and I are thankful to have a Pastor with your competence, passion, and commitment to Biblical truths! We hope that you have a fantastic birthday!! We remain committed to keeping you and your Family in our Prayers!!!

-Clarence Miller

(sing along)...Happy birthday to ya'! Happy birthday to ya'! Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you Pastor Dames! May this day be filled w/joy & laughter as God has blessed you with another year of life. SMILE !

-Marcia L. Harris-Daniel

Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.... Happy Birthday Pastor Dames


Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Thank you for your leadership and commitment to the body of Christ. Enjoy your special date. Eat Cake!

-Byron and Comfort Brown

HEY PASTOR DAMES!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a very special day today and enjoy it to the fullest! God bless!!!

-Ami Abraham


-Prince Lee

Happy birthday pastor. I praise the Lord for how He is using you to teach His Word so diligently. May you continue to be the faithful shepherd, leading the sheep on His path till He comes. Praying for you.

-Mavis Nkosi

God is Good. Happy Birthday

-Jeannette & Rodney Brown

Celebrate! Rejoice in the Lord! Blessings, to you. Pastor Dames. He Reigns!

-Sharon Davenport

Happy "25th" Birthday Pastor!

-Deja Glover

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! Praying God’s continued blessings upon you as you continue to bless us with your faithfulness.

-Love, Tony & Vanessa

Happy happy birthday. Hope you have a blessed and awesome day

-Arnitra Hodge

Hello Pastor Dames, Happy Birthday!! I pray that you enjoy your special day & have many, many, more blessed birthdays. Please also look for a card & gift in the mail. You deserve it!!

-Felicia Murphy

Hoping you have a blessed birthday Pastor Dames!!!

-Lanell Ledbetter-Meeks

Happy Birthday Day Pastor Dames and many more. My 2 kiddos was first week in April too. Have a wonderful blessed day.

-The Patterson Family

Happy Birthday, Pastor Dames!!!. Praying God blessings you with many more!! Have an amazing birthday!! We miss our NDCBF family.

-Robert & Goldie Buchanan

Happy birthday Pastor Dames? I pray you have a wonderful birthday. “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace “

-Earnest & Sherry Burke

Praise God to see another year!!! Keep doing God's Will. You have been a blessing to His church. Hope you have many more blessed years to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

-Courtney Malone

Happy Birthday! God Blessed you to see another year an i hope he blessed you to see many more! I use to be in your kids ministry years ago (2008-2009)! I still remember those times! Hope you enjoy your day! God Bless!

-Genzelle Malone

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! Be blessed!!

-Roderick Small

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR DAMES!!! I thank God for blessing you with another year and hope you had a FANTABULOUS day! My prayer is that the Lord will continue to shower you with His goodness and His grace. May He give you the desires of your hear as you delight yourself in Him. Thank you for being a blessing to NDCBF and the Body of Christ! We love you!

-Lenora Kelson

Happy Birthday pastor !Ihope you are having a wonderful day.

-Ledetria Thomas

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames!!! As you Celebrate today, God is Leading you into another Year. Know the Lord walks with you and He is Always by your side, He holds your Future in His Hands, and will ALWAYS be your Guide. Trust to Him your years ahead, whatever may unfold and take each day as it comes with the Blessings that it holds. We hope your work Pastor is Forever Fruitful for which we will be Most Grateful. Jeremiah 3:15 "And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with Knowledge and Understanding" …….and HE gave us YOU!!!! We Love You with the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!!!

-Fred and Brenda Babb

Happy Blessed Birthday Pastor Dames

-Helen Turner

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames May the Lord continue to ran blessing on you and you family.

-Dwayne Dorsey

Happy Birthday, Pastor Dames!! Thank you for all that you do for our NDCBF family. May God bless and keep you for many more years to come!

-From the Hollingsworth family

Happy Belated Birthday. I am always a day late and a dollar short. But I consider myself on time lol. Hope you had an enjoyable day on your special day. Miss being in the House of God. Can we have a drive in movie night with you preaching. Just a thought.

-Jackie Henley

Happy Belated Birthday Pastor Dames many more to come

-Mildred Ferguson

The happiest of Birthday to You... God bless you!

-J. Harris

Happy Birthday Pastor Dames! I thank God for allowing you to be born, protecting you in your journey as you developed all the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and compassionately lead your family and His sheep. Thank you for your uncompromising belief and delivery of the word of God. I pray your days be filled with God's blessings and will in your life. Happy Birthday!

-Annie Rolfe