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North Texas is facing a major blood shortage due to the cancellation of blood drives because of Covid-19. The available blood has reached a two-year low and may lead to delays in essential medical care in the coming weeks. In response to this need a coalition of churches including North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship, Woodcreek Church, Providence Church, and Trinity Fellowship in conjunction with Carter BloodCare will hold a blood drive in the parking lot of North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship on Saturday, July 11, 2020, from 8 AM to 4 PM.

If you are healthy and feeling well, consider making an appointment to donate either by clicking the link below or at the church website or by downloading the Carter BloodCare app.


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Download the Carter BloodCare Mobile App Today!

  • On the App - Schedule an appointment.
    • Cannot sign-up on the Day of the Drive!

On the Day of the Drive:

  1. On the App – Use QuickScreen - Answer the pre-screening questions prior to your appointment.
    • Use Only on the Day of the Drive!
    • If a donor experiences problems using QuickScreen on their mobile device, refer to help desk at 877-351-3500.
  2. Bring a VALID ID and Eat a Healthy Meal & Hydrate!
  3. Donors will need to Wear a Mask, if you don’t have one, our staff will provide one for you.
  4. Children 16 years old CAN DONATE!
    • Link below is the PARENTAL CONSENT FORM