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Are you contemplating marriage? If you are engaged to be married or just thinking about it, our counseling team can help you prepare for this very important lifelong commitment. We use assessment tools designed to help couples get off to a good start. The pre-marital class offers helpful tools for unmarried couples to prepare for their union. We believe that biblical marriage is meant to be a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. This course teaches six steps to prepare for a great marriage. Get ready as we ask the tough questions and get real answers in order to prepare couples for a strong Christian marriage. You may purchase the workbook "Getting Ready for a Lifetime of Love" by C. Michael Smith from our Bookstore.



The marriage covenant is the most intimate relationship one can have with another person. Whether a newlywed or a seasoned couple, every marriage will face conflict from time to time. Our trained counselors work with couples to overcome everyday challenges and develop greater intimacy. Because couples often lack the practical skills needed to maintain oneness, we focus on development, coaching husbands and wives to implement what they learn outside of the session. If you feel that your marriage relationship could benefit from some fine-tuning, help through a conflict or practical enrichment, we can help you develop a plan that meets your distinctive needs.