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Singles Ministry



(Matthew 28:18-20)  

The mission of our Single Adult Ministries is to equip and impact single adults with the message, the truth and the life of Jesus Christ that they may be attracted to the truths of Jesus Christ, both personally and corporately. We provide community, fellowship, and ministry in a loving, non-judgmental, non-threatening, problem solving, problem-sharing atmosphere. We help singles deal authentically with their needs and the needs of our entire church family and community. From college students to senior adults, we are working to provide ways for you to plug into a venue that suits your needs.


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Join the NDCBF Singles and Marriage Ministries for a Night Out at the Movies on Saturday, April 17 at 5:30pm! We will meet at Cinemark McKinney North (1701 Hardin, McKinney, Texas 75071) for a private screening of the movie Church People, a story of real people with real struggles and their unique paths to discovering what faith in Jesus is all about. Tickets are $10.50 per person and space is limited! 


Please note: There is one ticket remaining for purchase. To purchase please contact [email protected]


Movie Synopsis

A heartfelt and laugh-out-loud faith-based comedy film, Church People is the story of real people with real struggles and their unique paths to discovering what faith in Jesus is all about. It all starts when “America’s youth pastor,” Guy Sides, realizes he’s stuck in the megachurch marketing machine and wants to find his passion again. But when Guy attempts to get back to the heart of ministry, he is thrust into the throes of dissuading his out of touch church leadership from performing a strange and potentially blasphemous stunt for the upcoming Easter service while navigating his own personal problems. Church People exposes the crazy heights some people will go in the evangelical subculture while revealing God’s abundant grace through a poignantly redemptive climax.







New Singles Bible Study!

Single adults are everywhere, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and circumstances. They include the never-married, single parents, the widowed, the divorced, and the separated. Each segment of singleness carries its own package of problems, predicaments, and peculiarities, but it also represents a huge range of talent, skill, and potential.

Single adults in scripture illustrate all categories of singleness. As they walked through the challenges of life, their experiences relate well to the problems faced by modern-day single adults. In this book, you will follow the dramatic journeys of:

• Hagar, on being a single parent.

• Joseph, on triumphing over sexual temptation.

• Ruth, on finding a husband the second time round.

• Elijah, on dealing with depression.

• Mary Magdalene, on leaving the past behind.

• Daniel, on being a Biblical leader in a pagan society.

• Lydia, on preventing burnout.

• Paul, on passionately proclaiming the gospel.

• The woman at the well of Sychar, on life after divorce.

• John the Baptist, on radical discipleship.

Their life lessons are legendary, and they stand tall in God's Hall of Fame. From them, you will discover that one really is a whole number! And finally, there was Jesus, the sovereign Lord and perfect single man who invites us to learn from Him.

To purchase a copy of the book, email [email protected]

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