North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship (NDCBF) is committed to preparing the next generation for ministry. Our Internship Program is designed for students and adults seeking to experience a life in ministry. During the course of your internship you will be exposed to practical training within your ministry service area. You will learn the importance of people and the impact of ministry in their lives. You will learn the importance of discipleship within the church and within the community.

Each intern will report to an assigned Staff Supervisor who will guide you through your internship and connect you with your service area minister. You will participate in service area meetings, attend service area engagements along with weekly Bible and Worship services. As a team the Staff Supervisor, Service Area Minister will work to provide a flexibile service schedule to meet your personal and educational needs.

NDCBF adheres to the highest level of moral integrity and requires the same of all interns.

NDCBF reserves the right to terminate an intern at any time during the program upon the discovery of unethical actions.

NDCBF wants your internship experience to heighten your awareness of church ministry and enhance your spiritual journey. 


Adult Ministry Worship Ministry
Counseling Ministry Usher Ministry
Youth Ministry Prayer Ministry
Administration Welcome Committee
Student Ministry AVL (Audio/Visual/Lighting
Cluster Ministry Member Care Ministry
Theater Arts (Dance) Ministry LOGOS Christian School

OUR VISION:  To Be Salt and Light
"To empower each member to impact their sphere of influence by doing the work of Christ"

OUR MISSION:  To Make Disciples
"As we go, present the compelling message of the gospel, and equip all who would believe that they would be conformed to the image of Christ (7 Pillars)"

"As a practical demonstration of Love, we Connect People to GOD, Each Other,
Ministry and the Lost"