Evangelism Testimonies

Christians that have never shared Christ with anyone are learning to develop a lifestyle of evangelism. .............Matthew 28:19-20

C. Hines

Just delivered the mail about 20 minutes ago.....her first response to the questions was...."probably hell." After I finished presenting the gospel, she said that she had trusted Christ before but that she went off the road....I then talked to her about the finished work of the cross; works, etc....told her that I would be praying for her. Her name is Tasha and she graduates from high school this Saturday. I’m loving this

L. Gladney

It’s much easier for me to share with my friends now and plus I want to do this on twitter

Ken S.

I just wanted to thank NDCBF for the wonderful training class last weekend.  I used the witness methods you shared with me to win a soul to Christ at the barber shop that same evening.  Thanks so much! This is a stress reliever for me .I am able to focus on God and not  my circumstances ....wow!


I can’t even explain the freedom deep within my soul- I can serve God like never before. Thanks for your obedience to him.   


This was refreshing and I will be there to go and share the gospel this month  


One of our new members, ministered at parkland hospital from 1-3pm on March 12th. Here is his testimony:  Everything went rather smoothly.  I really sensed the Holy Spirit working.  A couple of people were so convicted in what the Holy Spirit was saying to them they could not help but shed tears.  I thought it was powerful. It was amazing how people were drawn to the table. On the table I had a flier that said, “How may I pray for you?”  I think God really used that.     


My second time out in the Douglas community was exciting but, yet I was a bit nervous knowing that my time of sitting back and letting the experts handle things was going to be short lived. As we went door to door each house I'm wondering will I be instructed to get the next house. Will this one be it and sure enough my time came and as we walked towards the next house I made sure I had my tools (tract) and threw up a short prayer. "Lord, Help". It was such a nervous thrill but, I got threw it. I'm just extremely excited about where God had me right now and because of the experience and obedience I'm becoming more and more confident at sharing the gospel with others. If a day goes by without sharing I feel empty inside.

A. Leday

I lead a Bible study for young men that I have taught or currently serve at my school. The group of young men are mostly between the ages of 16 and 24. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a group of young men who thought they were saved, but they did not know what that meant. We talked about how being saved doesn't mean that you are innocent, but we are pardon and absolved. In addition, we spoke about how we should respond to this gift and this response will be evident or apparent in how we live our lives. I do see the importance of living a lifestyle of evangelism everytime Gods gives me the opportunity. 

T.  Lewis

I just started school a few months ago , knowing that God would use me  there. Every morning I see this guy name Rob under the bridge. He is a beggar and is there regularly. Rob would ask me for money  and I didn’t have much but God prompted my heart to give him what I had .I asked him if he was looking for work and he replied Yes ! Today he just wanted something to eat . I would see him every morning and would speak to him but today it was time to talk to him. After a few days of building a relationship with him I decided to ask him if anyone ever told him the story of the Bad New and Good News. He said no.  I ask him if he were to die today, did he know where he would go. He said no.  I asked him if it would be ok for me to tell him about the Bad News and the Good News.  He said Yes ,  I keep tracks  on me at all times  so I went through it  I could tell he really wasn’t into what I was saying . I knew that God wanted me to share with him and it’s my responsibility.  I told him I just wanted to give him the track and share with him the greatest gift he could ever receive. I gave him the track and told him, I would see him tomorrow if he’s out there. Faithfulness to God is all I want to do whenever he gives me the opportunity.

Najal S.

I learned that it’s alright to fail . . . it’s not alright to quit!  There are times we may feel like quitting, but life has a way of reminding us that we can’t . . . Still no matter how many times we feel uncertain or we fall short, life keeps presenting us with fresh challenges.  And that’s good!  God has designed life on earth to provide us with wonder...
-Najal S.

Becky D.

It was such a delight to visit with you and to see your enthusiasm for the Lord and evangelism.  I felt that you were very good at helping to alleviate my fears and anxiety before meeting with the brothers at the prison.  I do feel intimidated to recite bible verses and your approach showed me ways to address this.   God bless,