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Sister's on the Rise Women's Ministry 


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Equipped - Through God's word we grow to become spiritually equipped to disciple and mentor others in a deeper relationship with Christ 

Encouraged - We are motivated and committed to giving support to meet life's challenges and opportunities in our home, church, and community

Empowered -  By Faith as stewards to use our gifts to serve Christ and the Kingdom work at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship


Our mission is to grow spiritually by becoming Salt and Light; to connect, support, encourage, disciple, mentor, and walk with our sisters as we experience life’s triumphs and challenges while pressing and moving to a greater call and purpose. -Philippians 3:14



As we experience different challenges in our season that refine, prepare and GROW us more into the likeness of CHRIST we are dedicated to listening and responding to the needs of women at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship and the community.



Sue Satisfied (Women’s Sunday School)

Barbara Miller & Sheila Walker (Women’s Monday Night Bible Study, Co-chairs)

Edna Farmer (Women’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study)

Cecelia Miles & YoLanda Roach (Women’s Council,  Co-chairs)

Krystal Brown (Women’s Council – Single Women)

Norleshia Cannon (Women’s Council – Divorced Women)

Shelby Clayton (Women’s Council – Blended Family)

Janie Nicol (Women’s Council – Grandmother Raising Grandchildren)

Dunrue Wilson (Women’s Council – Widows)



WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY - Online Zoom Class | Monday's 7pm-8:30pm | 9/14-12/18

“Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala.  A study on Prayer. 

Click here to order the required book. 

Click here to join the Zoom call. 

Previous Studies: 

Tommy C. Higle Study Series:

  • Journey Into Living the Gospel
  • Journey Into Living Wisely in a Foolish World
  • Journey Into Experiencing the Power of Jesus

Charles R. Swindoll: Getting Through the Tough Stuff Workbook: It's Always Something



Stay tuned for upcoming Women's Ministry events.