The NDCBF Marriage Commitee is a body of married servant leaders who demonstrate the characteristics of a Christian Disciple, and as servant leaders are committed to work in collaboration with one another to advance the mission and vision of NDCBF of making disciples while ministering to the needs of the diverse constituency of couples. 

Each of the following demographics are represented by the NDCBF Marriage Commitee:

  • Newly Married (0-2 years) 
  • Empty Nesters
  • Married w/ Young Children (12 & under)
  • Married w/ Older Children (13-18 years) 
  • Married w/ College-aged Kids
  • Married, No Children
  • Blended Family
  • Remarried Couples

To become a disciple of Christ couples must:

  • First, be born again; this would be evident by accepting the call of Christ as Lord and Savior and repenting of sin
  • Be a member in good standing, actively engaged in ministry
  • Have a regular prayer and devotional life
  • Participate in bible study/hiding in the word


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