We're so excited you're ready to "Say Yes" to serving at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship. We hope we can connect you to a place where you serve and grow. Thank you in advance for your willingness to committing your time and talent to our areas of need. We look forward to serving alongside you! 


Below are some service opportunities and areas with an immediate need. Please complete the form below the opportunity to sign-up. Please check this area frequently for updated servant opportunities. 

Open Servant Opportunities


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We are restarting our ministry to single moms with children at the Center of Hope. We are looking for servants who are willing to serve single mothers and their children on fourth Saturday mornings of every month. There are many ways you may help serve this ministry. In the dining hall serving food and visiting with guests to share the gospel. There are also opportunities to serve in the library organizing books, and the clothing closet organizing clothing items. There’s also a need for Bible teachers to teach chapel, volunteers to teach children in the Child Development Center, and women to give advice about time-management, money-management, and other life skills. Use the form to sign-up below. 

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If you have a passion for God and children and think you may want to facilitate in any of these areas, let's talk! Also if you have another idea you would like to submit we would love to hear it too.

  1. Bible Art Class

Children will enjoy the read-a-loud of a great bible story, the story will be reinforced in their hearts as they choose a form of art (legos,play-dough, coloring, drawing etc) to express/ illustrate while being read to.

  1. Kiddie worship!

Littles will have great fun in this class learning classic children’s worship songs that will follow them into adulthood. Bring a tambourine or some drumsticks or just your voice, hands and feet and let’s have fun worshipping our God!

  1. Catechism class

140 questions and answers taken from the Westminster Catechism will give your children a solid foundation to some of the deepest theological questions. A Great start to understanding why they believe what they believe

  1. Purity Class

Let’s begin the process of teaching our children that worship is a lifestyle and walking in purity in thought and deeds are an essential part of their calling

  1. Building Character

Ever wished our children could be more attentive? Obedient? Grateful? Diligent? This is the class you’ve been waiting for. We will spend time teaching each of these characters and more, emphasizing why it’s important in their relationship to God.

  1. Right Now Media

Children will take a teacher facilitated right now media class

  1. Bible Drills & Jeopardy

Let’s have fun learning and using basic Bible facts in drills and jeopardy


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We are looking for servants to serve with our Community Wellness Expo planning committee. We could use volunteers with expertise in:

• Medical

• Financial Planning

• Nutrition

• Psychology

• Event Planning

• Marketing

• Community Organizing

Sign up below!


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Are you passionate about the next generation? We would love to have you! Below is a list of available opportunities:

  • Sunday Mornings
  • Wednesday Evenings
  • Community Service 
  • Event Planning & Organization Committee
  • Senior Activities (Graduation Banquet, Scholarships etc.)
  • Summer Camp Committee
  • Purity Class
  • Mission Trip Committee

*You must be an NDCBF Member and pass a background check are basic requirements for serving with the Youth Ministry.

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Are you an active law enforcement officer? Our security team is looking for trained law enforcement officers to provide executive protection to our Sr. Pastor @ NDCBF.

Duties include:

  • Providing executive protection for our Sr. Pastor during Sunday services
  • Escorting tithes & offering collections to a secure location
  • Occasionally transporting our Sr. Pastor to and from the airport or to special events

Thank you for volunteering for the Pastor's Support Team. You will be contacted shortly.

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