NDCBF Business Meeting Q&A Responses

Question: Are we looking to purchase the new location or rent?

Answer: We are planning to purchase.


Question: Will the name remain on the building?

Answer: There are no immediate plans to change the name on the building. Neither church wants to create confusion with people passing the building. Eventually the name will need to change but we hope to have relocated by then.


Question: Why haven't we searched outside of the 8 mile, considering the explosion of property prices in Plano?

Answer: It is our desire to remain within an 8-mile radius of our present location. We believe this is the most convenient for our congregation.  However, we will consider any opportunity that will best serve our congregation and our ability to serve God’s will.


Question: It was mentioned that we will be tenants in the new building?  Can you explain?  Will we be owners?

Answer: This property has been sold and now has new owners. We have an agreement that allows us to use it until the end of the year, if necessary.  Therefore, we are tenants.  Meanwhile, we are looking for property to purchase and when we relocate, we will be owners.


Question: How much excess will we have to work with for the purchase of and renovation of a new place?

Answer: We will answer this question after we have “closed” on the purchase of our new property. It is not a good idea to share with potential sellers how much we have while we are negotiating.


Question: Can we disclose the selling price and FMV of the building?

Answer: We will speak more to the specifics after we have relocated. We will share how it is only by God’s grace that we are able to accomplish something so marvelous.  This has been more than a business transaction – by God’s grace it is really a ministry transaction between the two churches.  Simply marvelous.


Question: What's the sq. footage of the current and anticipated new facility?

Answer: Our current facility is roughly 75,000 square feet. We anticipate that we will need 40 to 60,000 square feet in our new facility.


Question: Why did the church accept government PPP funds?  Were there any stipulations upon accepting those?

Answer: The PPP funds were made available for businesses and non-profits. It was basically a loan that was forgiven as a grant if we didn’t terminate employees during the stated period. We received the funds early in the year and the loan was forgiven by the end of the year.


Question: You mentioned we have been searching for properties for the past few months; do we have any prospects so far?

Answer: At this point we do not have anything that sticks out as a preference but we are still looking.


Question: Would like to know if there will be a choir or change in music format in new location?

Answer: Our music vision includes the periodic use of choirs now and into the future. Our music goals are always to present offerings to God that are about His worth, His attributes and our response to Him.