2024 Senior Sunday 

It's that time of year again! Senior Sunday will take place Sunday, June 9, 2024 at 9:30 am. Graduates and their families are asked to participate in service on June 9th as they will be honored and a special prayer blessing will be said over them.


2024 Graduation Luncheon

The luncheon will follow immediately after morning service (around noon) in the Youth area . All graduates are asked to come with a parent, guardian, or other family member to escort them in as they are announced to the luncheon attendees. 

If students would like to express words of gratitude to family members or other influential people at the luncheon, they should prepare a 1 to 2 minute expression IN ADVANCE. A special section of the program will be reserved specifically for personal expression. 

Each student will be provided the opportunity to set up a senior table where people can see the senior’s activities, awards, and future plans displayed. This will also be a place for family members and the congregation to drop off cards or any gift they wish to provide the senior with.

The Senior Luncheon has a dress code.

· Males should wear a tie and jacket or a suit & tie

· Women must wear modest church-appropriate semi-formal dress attire

· No tennis shoes

· No jeans or denim jackets

· No athletic attire

· No sunglasses

Ticket sales for the luncheon are now closed. Click here for guidelines and more details for the luncheon. 

2024 scholarship applications have closed. Check back next year!

Spiritual Leadership Award: The Spiritual Leadership Award is issued to a student who is recognized as a leader in Youth Ministry and understands the importance of having a Biblical worldview. This student exemplifies all major criteria as well as demonstrating significant spiritual growth over their time in the youth ministry. This student also has a commitment to helping others understand Biblical truths and foundations through various group activities, events, and ministry opportunities. Must have participated in youth ministry for 3 years.

Academic Award: The Academic Award goes to a student who possess outstanding academic achievement. Points will be awarded based on Essay, Academic Transcript, and participation in Youth Ministry. Must have participated in youth ministry for 6 months.

Impact Award: The Impact Award in Honor of Al Wilson who was a man of God, loved the Lord and his family. Al Wilson was committed to building relationships and pouring into many young men. The Impact Award goes to the senior who demonstrates strong character, a commitment to building relationships, leading others to Christ, and has a servant’s heart. Must have participated in youth ministry for 2 years.

Servant Leader Award: The Servant Leader Award is issued to the senior who is dedicated themselves to serving not only within NDCBF community, but also their school, and other community organizations. Must have participated in youth ministry for 1 year.

Book Scholarship: The book scholarships are given to students who exhibit academic excellence. Points are awarded based on Essay, GPA, Academic Transcript, and participation in youth ministry. Must have participated in youth ministry for 6 months.

Post High School Scholarship:
Graduated recently? Currently in college but never received an NDCBF scholarship?
We can't wait to celebrate you! Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.