We are a community of servant leaders joyfully and effectively evangelizing, equipping and encouraging children to model Christ within their circles of influence. Our mission, which reflects the mission of the entire church is to impact children, their parents and our volunteers. We want children to hear the message of Christ’s unconditional love and to guide them to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is the deep desire of NDCBF Children's Ministry to help young families seek, know and love God. We want to come alongside parents as they develop a hunger for the Truth of the Gospel, experience transformation, and seek to shepherd their children. We are here to pray, encourage, teach and grow in faith as well - for the sake of God's Kingdom and His children...of all ages.

If you are interested in getting your children involved, come check it out! We meet Sunday mornings at 9:30am at 2801 E. President George Bush Hwy, Plano, TX. 75074. Our Registration Team members will assist you in registering your child for one of our classes.



It’s Exciting Times in our Children’s Ministry! We are offering some new fun classes for our children that will inspire them to learn more about their God and His Word:

  1. Bible Art Class

Children will enjoy the read-a-loud of a great bible story, the story will be reinforced in their hearts as they choose a form of art (legos,play-dough, coloring, drawing etc)to express/ illustrate while being read to.

  1. Kiddie worship!

Littles will have great fun in this class learning classic children’s worship songs that will follow them into adulthood. Bring a tambourine or some drumsticks or just your voice, hands and feet and let’s have fun worshipping our God!

  1. Catechism class

140 questions and answers taken from the Westminster Catechism will give your children a solid foundation to some of the deepest theological questions. A Great start to understanding why they believe what they believe

  1. Purity Class

Let’s begin the process of teaching our children that worship is a lifestyle and walking in purity in thought and deeds are an essential part of their calling

  1. Building Character

Ever wished our children could be more attentive? Obedient? Grateful? Diligent? This is the class you’ve been waiting for. We will spend time teaching each of these characters and more, emphasizing why it’s important in their relationship to God.

  1. Right Now Media

Children will take a teacher facilitated right now media class

  1. Bible Drills & Jeopardy

Let’s have fun learning and using basic Bible facts in drills and jeopardy

If you have a passion for God and children and think you may want to facilitate in any of these areas, let's talk! Also if you have another idea you would like to submit we would love to hear it too. Click here to sign-up to facilitate a class.